Here some of my ideas for the Entity Hierarchy

God Tier: Has Omnipotence, Rules The Box

High Cosmic Tier: Rules Most of The Box

  • The Theta Lords
  • Sodon
  • Alephius
  • The Elders
  • STwDM
  • The extremely angry cow.
  • Necc

Mid Cosmic Tier:Limited to The Outside

  • The Ometrians
  • A type Aleph-One Civilization
  • The Void Lords
  • Outsider
  • The Guardians of Nothing

Sub-Mid Cosmic Tier:Limited to The Omniverse

  • A type Aleph-Null Civilization
  • The Creator's Avatar
  • The Destroyer's Avatar
  • The Council of Omniversal Sapients
  • The Keepers of Peace
  • The Legions of Chaos

High-Low Cosmic Tier:Limited to The Megaverse Clusters

  • A type 7 Civilzation
  • The Photonic Knights
  • Azerius
  • An Adult Leviathan

Mid-Low Cosmic Tier:Limited to The Megaverse

  • A Young Leviathan
  • The Protectors of the Megaverse
  • A type 6 Civilization

Sub-Low Cosmic Tier:Limited to The Multiverse

  • A Universal Cell
  • A type 5 Civilization
  • The True Clan
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