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When Alphasm imagines an entity but doesn’t specify the imagination by just imagining “cosmic entity” or giving not enough detail to his imagination, the entity placeholder appears. Other cosmic entities can also create these if they summon a nonexistent entity without creating it first.

They can sometimes immediately dissapear. The chance of them doing this is about 1/googolplexian per second at first, but over time this becomes more common. Here is how fast it goes:

  • after 1 minute, it’s already 1/googolplex per second.
  • after 1 hour, it’s 1/googol per second.
  • it’s only 1/1 quintillion per second after 3 days.
  • The chance of it happening is 1/1,000 after 2 weeks.
  • It happens with a 1/10 chance every second after 10 weeks.
  • It will almost always happen immediately after 1 year.


They can walk, they can run, they can jump, they can fly, they can go through walls, and they can change direction all without moving their legs or arms because logic doesn’t work for them. They also have the strange ability to generate pencils. They also can talk, but have only ever been observed saying the following sentences (language and voice vary):

  • Test
  • Placeholder
  • Error
  • This is a sentence.
  • a
  • Help with object
  • Basic
  • Generic
  • Cosmic entity test
  • Bring me to creator for the fix
  • I have no abilities.
  • I want logic.
  • quiteness test
  • Z
  • Pencil

rare sentences

  • Bug
  • There is a bug in the system, I am the legend.
  • Find
  • I am zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap
  • Poisonland
  • give armor to obscure planets
  • I e o u error
  • I eat asSTEROIDS
  • Satanic spell
  • Bullshotgun
  • Zeppelins are not cooler than me.


  • They can say 16 different normal sentences. 16 is the best number.