Everything That Exists.Where Everything that you've ever imagined llives.Where everything has not limits.Places Where Space and time do not exist.The structure of everything that exists.Impossible there is something outside becuse its size and infinite times the infinite.On the outside. Nothing exists. Nothing is created. Nothing is transformed. Imagine that we are the size of Planck Leghts (smaller particles of physics) and the universe has its same current size. To leave the universe. I would remember more of years' . in the structure of all this would be like you are not even moving. even if you get out. to cross all the verses in infinite light years even if you had zillions of times the speed of light would not reach anything. Only darkness In this area nor protoverses exist. all: Protoverse Microverse Miniverse Universe Multiverse Metaverse Xenoverse Superverse

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