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This is the next step in the infinities.

The Everywhere is a much more fractal and bigger version of the Anywhere. The major difference being in complexity and color.

The Anywhere only allows for 1 color, usually being depicted in black and white.

On the other hand, the Everywhere allows for 3 different colors, usually visualized in red, blue and white. The colors aren't caused by physical materials, the energy in an orbit around the center act in the same way as physical materials when it comes to bouncing off photons.

Unlike the Anywheres, the Everywhere doesn't have an infinite nestation of Anywheres. At the core of a nestation of Anywheres lies a core that allows for this quasi-fractal pattern.

Tier One Unknown Anywhere Everywhere The MAX NA Super NA Mega NA Hyper NA Ultra NA Omni NA Final NA
Tier Two The Alternate The Purple Maze The Green Maze The Blue Maze The Great Complex Great Location Uber Realm Black The End
Tier Three Everyverse The Last The Coin The Bin