The Exaverse is a collection of multiple Petaverse and it is an 11+6 dimensional verse. This verse allows for fractal strings and overlapping strings, forming some strange things. Fractal string particles act differently depending on what size object it interacts with, and overlapping strings can cause a particle to become two particles in the same place stuck together. The fractal strings can oddly enough, sometimes be really small Gigaverses.

The entities in this verse have made blasters that can destroy whole Teraverses by using the glitchy phasing of particles of various sizes with overlapped strings near the edge to form a particle that rapidly changes size. Next, the particle is then hit by a particle with a fractal string, which reacts differently to each sized particle. This causes the particle with the fractal string to fly everywhere, causing a mass explosion.

The remains of Teraverses within Exaverses can be harvested for Glitchonicite, which a lot of forms due to the explosions, causing strings to fall into other particles. This is by far one of the most efficient ways known to get Glitchonicite.

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