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Existency is a sort of soup full of different Esrevinmos. It is extremely chaotic, and only one picture has ever

been taken of it.


Existency resembles a rocky landscape with a lake of gigantic proportions, filled with some soup that is made up of Esrevinmos and many existence states.

This soup is very dangerous due to the mish-mash of existence states, and if you ever touch the lake, you will get corrupted beyond even nonexistence and end up in a place almost no one can describe.

Beyond the lake are a vast landscape with many other such lakes. These lakes house unknown creatures that no one has contacted yet. There are also many mountain ranges with mountains that over the lakes below.

The tallest mountain in Existency is known as the Tower of the Gods.

There are also volcanoes that constantly erupt steam, primordial soup, and occasionally Omni Lava onto the ground.

Beyond Existency

Anything beyond Existency is beyond our current understanding of reality and physics, and so only Gerald, Dunkey Kong, and other Mary Sue-type gods can access them.