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This article is a collection of 5 divergent Archverses, located at the end of the template at the bottom of the page.


A Vendekaverse is an 11+11 dimensional set of Wekaverses. Spacetime is distorted enough that gravity pulls things "randomly" depending on their position. Combined with the fact that objects move randomly on their own, objects with more matter than the Universe explode most of the time. The few Wekaverses that do survive are usually on the very edge of the Vendekaverse.

To prevent the Vendekaverse from exploding into a giant mess, Extraverses are here to take the extreme gravity forces and put them into the Nowhereverse.


The Udekaverse is the thirteenth nested level of the metric -verse series and the tenth lowest-level archverse. This -verse contains a finite or infinite amount of vendekaverses, which are the twelfth nested level. It is contained by the Tredaverse, which is an finite or infinite set of Udekaverses.


It is a 56 + 92 dimensional verse with a large set of Udekaverses

on scale it is 10 to the power of googletriplexian or 485 googolquadriplexian Udekaverses across.

The concept of The Tredaverse is complicated, physicists say that The Bread is actually a sentient 98D cylinder, and for humanity to understand it, it has taken the form of a bread. The true shape of The Bread is impossible to describe, as we only support 4 dimensions, only Virullipanariamanidikanians of dimension number 65 can see the true shape of The Bread. The Bread is a nice guy, even though he's a powerful god, he doesn't want to be worshiped or to rule the universe, he just wants to make friends. He finds humans the most interesting species of all, as they make sandals, The Bread's favorite food. Moreover, he despises the other gods, for they think they are superior to humans. However, do not anger him, for then he becomes...


This verse contains many-a-Tredaverse, and its matter outside of Tredaverses, which is quite rare and small, takes a gooey form.


A Rintaverse is a universe that contains the Sortaverse and is contained by a Quexaverse. This is the final archverse we will cover, but it feels like a generic one.