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The Extraverse is a bunch of Hyperverses that share logic and structures somewhat naturally without Macroformers. The ORIGINAL Hyperverse was created by an unknown person countless OYC ago, but people copied it, then started forming engines for making Hyperverses, forming this.

The Universe is indeed a complex thing, which is why the people who copied the idea messed up slightly. A lot of portions have unstable temperature, or atoms that can't stay together for more than one planck length. Some regions are so compressed that they don't have atoms, making many processes impossible or extremely difficult.

The power is generated from Teraverses, using gravity from the Denseverses within, and converting it to electromagnetic radiation and electricity using Electrocosmos. The Electrocosmos also distribute energy throughout the Extraverse. However, they radiate, biasing the resources for the Hyperverses in the Extraverse heavily based on distance to said Electrocosmos.

Any entities that manage to escape the Hyperverse cause the Hyperverses' memory to scatter everywhere, so most entities that escape the Hyperverse are deleted. This is done by using Memoryandspacetime to form wormholes out to Nowhereverse. This process is automatically done by the Memoryandspacetime itself, but heavily compressed entities manage to get around this. Unfortunately, when heavily compressed, you become dumber and weaker, meaning that you will probably die or get into a wormhole to Nowhereverse by accident. 

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