A false Omnivers ... Well, let's be honest ... Alternate in this wiki ... can easily be surpassed by no structure from another Wiki ... But this verse ... POSSIBLE !!!! IT contains nothing, no concepts, no worlds, not even concepts that surpass such a thing as NOTHINGTHING in unsurpassed times as NOTHING ... This verse was destroyed from parts of the soul and body parts of the three last brothers of the Gods. If you have self-conceit about the size of this verse, or of that whom it contains ... then I will tell you that it contains no wikis, nothing of the figments of the Absolutely Almighty Gods, who are able to destroy a concept that cannot surpass such a thing as NOTHING but the concept at the mention of which your brain will be created ... moreover, this verse contains nothing of the creatures from such a wiki as Joke-battle or Godmode wiki. Nothing, no concepts, nothing of my and your imagination ... but in fact it’s just a theory about the size of this verse, but in truth the size of this verse is reduced to REMEMBERING

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