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The F L A M E T O B O G G A N is another small object located in the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse. It has an eternal temperature of 10,000,000 degrees celsius, so it is always flaming due to the thin atmosphere the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse has.

The F L A M E T O B O G G A N bounces around the sides of the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse at a ludicrously fast speed, going all over the place.

Its purpose

The F L A M E T O B O G G A N is supposed to keep the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse from staying still and getting hard, because when the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse stops moving for 10 minutes, it will die completely along with everything in it. Since this object is bouncing around, the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse never stops moving, so it never dies.

The F L A M E T O B O G G A N can also move celestial objects in the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse, which sometimes knocks them out of orbit and occasionally creates collisions. This is also necessary since the objects will die if they stop moving for 7 days. In the Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse's entire history, only 4 objects have ever died with the F L A M E T O B O G G A N bouncing around, which are listed below.

Name Type of object
Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse 587384939 Star
Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse 693920203 Star
Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse 148294925-c Planet
Fickvddjdfjsdfjsdverse 998392383-b Planet

The structure

The F L A M E T O B O G G A N's inside is just a regular toboggan. It doesn't have any handles, and it doesn't really have a texture, but it has a curve at the front. Other than that, that's about it.

However, the outside of the F L A M E T O B O G G A N is flaming with fire, due to its hot temperature. This fire used to be cold, however, so the flame actually never changes shape.

For an unknown reason, each flame at the top has a civilization living in them. They are all microscopic, but they are simply weird.

The civilizations

First flame

The first flame has a civilization of pufferfishes. They are red, and they are 2 micrometers long. They normally swim in a straight line for all of eternity, and when they hit the end of the flame, they swim back.

Second flame

The second flame has a civilization of sentient drops of boiling water. They are approximately 19 micrometers in size, and they are transparent so you can see their organs through them from the outside. They survive in the flame because they produce excessive sweat all the time. Since there isn't any food in the flame, they survive by eating each other. Eating an eighth of another drop will allow them to survive for a full month.

Third flame

The third flame is inhabited by a very similar civilization to the second flame, but all the sentient drops are zombies. Therefore, they are green and don't produce sweat, so the average life of a drop is reproducing in under a second, and then dying.

Fourth flame

The fourth flame has a civilization of molecules that have molecules inside them, typically being 77 micrometers in length. They cannot move whatsoever, but they create many resources by moving and shooting their molecules. Therefore, the average lifetime of one of these is about 3 months. This flame used to be the tallest of the flames, but when an elephant from the fifth flame came it got much shorter.

Fifth flame

The fifth flame's civilizations are tiny elephants. They are 89 micrometers long. They float around in the flame, and the average lifetime is about 2 months. These tiny elephants can inhale part of the flame using their trunks and then shoot them at another elephant, killing them. This is how they normally get food. There are two different types of microelephants in this flame: Tylers and Tylerds. Tyler type elephants have four legs and are very fast, but Tylerd type elephants have 10 legs and are very slow. One elephant managed to make it out of this flame part and made it to the fourth flame, which made the fourth flame much shorter.