The F R I D G E is the container of many types of food. However, it actually doesn't self contain itself. F R I D G E is the pure representation of below freezing temperatures, as it is the coldest place of all cap-scaled places. It is in caps and spaced out because all foods inside it are actually very spread out.


The F R I D G E's temperature is pretty much standard fridge level coldness (4 degrees celcius) but on a cap-scale. Cap-scale temperature works like this; Cap0 = Absolute Zero. Cap1 = Planck Temperature (in our local universe). Cap2 = Cap1^2 Overall, CapN is just Cap(n-1)^2 (except for 1 and 0).

The F R I D G E's temperature is lower than Cap0, and is actually so low, that it's imaginary (square roots of negative numbers are imaginary). Cap(-1) is the square root of -273.15, or around 16.5 imaginary units. The square root of that is complicated, but it is either ~2.8 imaginary units or i+2.8 imaginary units. After that it gets even more complicated, so we won't go into detail. Basically, the F R I D G E's temperature is Cap(-Absolute Infinity), or layers upon layers of negative imagination.

Breaking Out of It

The F R I D G E is made out of solid Fridgium, which has been designed by an entity known as H U M A N to not be able to be destroyed/harmed in any way (except for H U M A N S and entities with full access to The Core of Everything such as Gerald and Dunkey Kong). The F R I D G E can be opened and escaped pretty easily. All you need is enough force to jam it open. It needs to be roughly equivalent to a H U M A N ' S 20% pull power, or around 5 cap-scaled newtons.

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