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The Ferroverse is one of the verses that created the Palladiumverse. 3.1% of its matter is iron. The iron is concentrated in planet's crusts and galaxy dust, however, most of its iron is in iron planets. Iron planets are 79% iron on average, and they were formed when the gained iron got smashed by the Ferroverse's boundaries. The Ferroverse has 4 Forest Orb Verses, which were created by Zalkitans.


The reason it has so much iron is that a superplanet the size of 5.2 billion LY, composed of 99% iron, 2% titanium, and 1% cobalt, collided with the Ferroverse. Because the Ferroverse's attosphere is a grid of polygons that are ~30,000 km apart, the superplanet smashed into the attosphere and was shattered into ~300 km wide iron asteroids. Iron planets are formed the same way as normal planets: Small particles collide with each other until they form planets.

The reason it is only 79% iron, is because rock asteroids also collided with the iron asteroids. Iron also ended up in the crusts of some planets, while still retaining the shape of the planet. This is because when the asteroids entered the polygon border, some of them smashed into ~300 m pieces, that are called mini-asteroids, that don't do very much damage to the planet, and in the planets that got collided by the mini-asteroids, there are 300 meter iron deposits in their crust.


This universe contains planets, stars, galaxies and any other form of matter and energy, just like our Universe does. But everything is a little different from its real world counterpart of our Universe. Stars, are however, pretty much the same ones as those of our Universe. Planets are the most different things.

There are tons of iron planets in the Ferroverse.


Some important planets are Cobaltia and Zalkitm. The civilizations of these planets are much more developed than humans and probably have better knowledge of science and technology. They are likely very different from humanity as well, and perhaps more intelligent.

Cobaltia is one of the few planets that have both cobalt and native life. Cobalt was in one of the layers of the iron superplanet, because of the pressure. The cobalt broke apart just like the iron did when entering the Ferroverse's attosphere, and smashed into pieces, forming cobalt planets and planets with cobalt and (usually) iron. The Cobaltian civilization has a Kardashev Scale of 1.38, and despite the low number, the civilization conquered 3 solar systems and created a free energy machine that can only be created with cobalt, an element that most planets don't have access to.

Zalkitm is a planet that contains arsenium, an element that's used to make Vacuum Decay protection technology (cadmium can also be used to make VD protection technology). The arsenium, like other elements in crusts of planets in large deposits, came from a deep layer of the iron superplanet (even deeper than the cobalt layer). Zalkitm has a civilization called Zalkitan, and have a KS of 3.15. They made VD protection technology and sell it to civilizations that don't have it.

Duocofe System

Mercury, the iron planet of our own Solar System.

Duocofe is a binary planet system. Duocofe A (known as Duofen) is a planet that has deposits of iron, while Duocofe B (known as Duocon) has deposits of cobalt. The Duocofe system was colonized by the Zalkitans, but because there was no original civilization, the Zalkitans only used it to mine cobalt in order to create free energy machines.