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The Final Ring is the 20th ring in the Ring Series. It is the hottest ring in the Ring Series.

It is run by a relatively unknown organization. The Guardian of the Final Ring is the most powerful of them all, able to wipe out the Final Ring and all other rings inside of it. It does not do this, however, and resides in the center of the Final Ring. It, despite it's power, is quite peaceful. The Final Ring is not apart of the Federation of Rings nor the Union of Rings.

This ring is too hot and too unstable to have any smell or taste. This ring is infinitely unstable, ejecting as many Radio Rings as a ring possibly can, rapidly and unendingly.

As the name implies, this is the final Ring in the Ring series. There are no larger rings than this. The series is over, do not attempt to continue dragging it out. The Final Ring is contained by The Triple Existence.

Note: Do not.

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