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Finger touching my eye!!! verse sits on a balance, literally. This verse has a habitability of 65%. But the people in this universe have been given a rule to ''Never build anything above 100 Megameters in volume", so the colonies don't build much.


It was created when someone touched their eye. they said "Finger touching my eye!!!". The person who touched their eye then ran away, never to be seen again. Some people believe this verse is the spirit of the person. Multiple people who have entered the verses (including AJN) have died of radiation.

Outer Shell (Layer 1)

The outer layer is thick, moist and hunge. The outer shell has networks of different Finger touching my eye!!!. The outer layer contains the blue thumb.

The blue thumb (Layer 1.5)

The blue thumb contains some colonies. The most abundant colonies contain Magellanic Pufferfish. In this part, there is a rule where all buildings must be blue. Some of the buildings spew out and as the radiation effects them, they slowly turn green.

Outer Mantle (Layer 2)

The outer mantle is extremely dangerous, with constant radiation and gamma rays spewing everywhere. AJN-Verse Type 4 stays in this area.

Inner Shell (Layer 3)

The inner shell is much safer than any other of the layers. Most colonies here are humanoid and contain cat-like creatures. Portals to the Inner MMantle can be found throughout the inner shell.