A Fingersverse is a type of verse which is contained by the Armsverse.

Fingersverses, just like a Toesverse, are controlled by a large entity. Fingersverses are much easier to control/move around than a Toesverse.

Fingersverses come in 3 variants. 5-finger Fingersverses, which have 5 fingers, 3-finger Fingersverses, which have 3 fingers, and Hand Fingersverses, which have multiple Fingerverses on each of their fingers. 3-finger Fingersverses are the most common. 5-finger Fingersverses are much less common, and Hand Fingersverses are the rarest.

Fingersverses can be used to do a variety of things, and as they are usually more resistant than a Toesverse, also are used for fighting.

Fingersverses, just like a Toesverse, have a Nailsverse on each of their fingers.

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