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FireWater of the two elements fire and water. He has a rivalry with the Entity, and is one of the stronger beings in his universe.


Less than a yoctosecond after a universe was created, a evil being was created. It had brought havoc to this universe. The Entity had to much power in the universe. A second after this universe was created, the Cosmic Savior created a being, who was a attempt to stop this being from destroying to much.


Fight I

FireWater and the Entity went into battle with each other. The Entity destroyed him almost immediately after the fight began. FireWater almost lost the ability to continue further. With his almost dead self, the Entity locked him away and continued his destruction.

Redemption and battle II

FireWater was barely alive, and was put in torture after he was held captive. FireWater then eventually grew with anger for what he was causing. FireWater grew so mad about him, he regenerated from all of his wounds, and escaped from captivity. FireWater went to fight the Entity, and grew with intense amounts of power. The Entity and him had a draw in battle and both could not continue. They both retreated, and both had to lessen the powers they had so they did not lose everything that they had. The Entity was more powerful than him, so his regeneration lasted longer.

Battle III

FireWater and the Entity fought again one billion years later, after both had regenerated. The Entity won again, but the fight was closer than the first. To prevent FireWater from fighting him again, he gave him a deal. Either he would be corrupted and joins his side for one hundred million years or he would be killed. He knew that the universe would lose power if he did die, so he decided to join him. However, he was on his side for only one million years. He left that side after several of his friends fought them to save him. They did not want to die in battle, so they let him go.

Entity vs. FireWater

They both have only fought three times in the life of the universe they lived in. They fight once every 1 quadrillion years. The Entity has a 85.5% chance of wining a fight against FireWater if he is not enraged or determined to fight more than he normally would.


The Entity and FireWater escaped the universe they lived in and entered the multiverse. FireWater stayed inside of the multiverse, and dedicated his time to creating a life of his own. He then created his own super-planet inside of the multiverse. He then named it Xenontryptophyl. He is attempting to enter the forth dimension to become the same strength of his worst rival, the Entity. He is currently training on Xenontryptophyl, and will be until his next match with The Entity.

FireWater created his own minions that he calls "elementals." They are named Flarius and Aquarius.

Flarius was made for the heat of the universe. Examples being a star, a core of a planet, to even a entire galaxy. Flarius controls temperatures between 0.0...1 degrees Fahrenheit, (the temperature before the freezing point of water) to 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit (the highest temperature before physics breaks down). If a temperature is any higher, than the universe Flarius is in will never go above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Flarius mainly controls the flames in the universe it is in. (From Flare)

Aquarius was made for the cold of the universe. Examples being ice, the average temperature of the universe, or the freezing point of hydrogen. Aquarius controls temperatures between -0.0...1 degrees Fahrenheit, (slightly below the freezing point of water) to -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit (the temperature where atoms stop moving). If a temperature is any lower, than the universe Aquarius is in will never go lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Aquarius mainly controls the liquid in the universe it is in. (From aqua)

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