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Five ("Bas" in The Pencil Language or Pet in Future English) is one of the more elusive verses in the One Chain. No real picture has been taken of it, and is the only

known verse in the cosmos to be able to glitch to be an infinitely small point while containing Four, which is WAYYYY bigger than itself.


Five's internal structure is almost impossible to see, since it is infinitely small. Only infinitely small creatures can actually see what is inside, and even they will most likely get glitched into Unexistence if they enter Five.

It is still unknown how Four can be contained in Five, since even if Five were to have huge concentrations of Glitchonicite, it could not contain more than an infinitely small quantity of it, since Five is just as big as a point.

Theories to the Affect

There have been many theories proposed to solve this problem. So far, none have been perfect at solving this question.

Five Does Not Really Contain Four

This is the most popular theory among creatures in the cosmos, and states that Five does not actually contain Four, and it is Six that contains Four. This only the case due to ridiculously high amounts of repulsive matter and black holes in Six, creating the illusion that Five contains Four, in which in reality Five is just another particle floating around in Six. This theory has evidence, with point-like particles containing Glitchonicite found floating around in Six.

Five Does Not Exist

This theory is probably the weirdest one of them all, and states that Five doesn't exist in the first place. The creatures who support this theory point out that once you exit Four, you will immediately get glitched to Unexistence, and that when you send light, sound waves, or any wavelength in the spectrum, they will immediately travel to Six without passing through any other barrier, i.e. Five.

This theory has been criticized by many due to the lack of evidence.