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Flarius is one of the two 'elementals' created by FireWater. Flarius controls all heat in the universe of which it it in. Flarius uses the power that FireWater has.


FireWater had regenerated after a fight with the Entity from over a trillion years ago. He wanted to get support from his work, as he will need more time to create Xenontryptophyl. To help do the work for him, he created Flarius and Aquarius. They would go to a selected universe and protect the heat and the cold.


Flarius is stronger than Aquarius, but the power that they own has less time to use than Aquarius. If Flarius was almost out of power, they would use a signal to call FireWater to regenerate him. This was the main reason why Xenontryptophyl was almost destroyed by another planet. Flarius has since only used the signal if it were to be a emergency. Flarius will lose all power if not regenerated once every 100 million years.


Flarius is rarely in combat, unless it is for training him to protect himself. If someone wanted to easily defeat Flarius, they can be put him out with one billion tons of liquid nitrogen. You will need to use force to keep it cold enough to burn him, as they have never been colder than liquid napalm set on fire. They can also be massively weakened if you create a temperature higher than 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of which physics begins to break down. If you go any higher, Flarius will no longer continue distributing heat across the universe that they are in. This then also means that any temperate about 0 degrees Fahrenheit will never be able to be obtained again. If someone were capable of making to temperate any higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the universe they are in will immediately encounter a big freeze, destroying anything inside of the universe, including the universe.


Flarius is far from any star systems or galaxies. They are far away to assure that nobody can destroy him. They have had several occurrences of the Entity trying to prevent him working, However, they are surrounded by dark matter, and is away from any visible light. Therefor, the Entity can not be able to locate him. Flarius will signal FireWater to regenerate him again 36 million years from now. Flarius and Aquarius will continue to protect all heat in the universe until they will leave the universe they are in. They will leave the universe they are in directly before something happens to the universe that will destroy it entirely.