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Fon.7 is the seventh verse in the Fonverse. It is relatively small, and is used by aliens.

This verse is divided into seven regions, each having their own colour.

Region Colour Description
WREG Red It is red, and is made of lava. It makes up half of Fon.7.
REBWBWHWRTBWGW Green This section is liquid, unlike the others which are solid.
22222222222fds Blue This section is super tiny. It is only 5 planck lengths across.
banananananananana Orange This is the only region with a hole, making this verse enterable and exitable.
NEYNFFf Yellow This section is a fractal pattern. It is very nicely decorated with stars.
MieeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEeeEEE Purple It was the first section ever created of this verse. It has gravity.
PUCCHHOOCCHYY ??? It has a colour that normal beings cant see.