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A Fractureverse is a type of verse that has its space-time "fractured", causing potential rips in its space-time,

having a higher chance to glitch you out of itself, or teleporting you randomly throughout its interior. These effects get more severe the more fractured the space-time is inside that verse.


A few terms have been coined to represent what Fractureverses will do over their pretty short lifetime.


When a Fractureverse "shatters", it pretty much breaks into big pieces, sending all its contents into interversal space. This is also what creatures use to mark the end of a Fractureverse's life.


When a Fractureverse "cracks", its space-time gets so messed up that it appears to just be a mess of square-shaped rips. This usually happens to extremely messed up Fractureverses.


The exact origin of Fractureverses are relatively unknown, but what is for certain is that the first ever Fractureverse was a Megaverse that almost got destroyed during a war in the Gigaverse outside. That Megaverse shattered soon after, and all life inside of it died.

Many other Fractureverses have been found, and most have been within the domain of the Omniverse.

Levels of Fractureverses

There are many different levels of Fractureverses. The higher the level, the more fractured and messed up the Fractureverse is.

Level 1 Fractureverses (Unoticeable)

Level One Fractureverses are the most common type of Fractureverse, and don't really appear to be Fractureverses at all. Level One Fractureverses don't have any noticeable Fractureverse properties.

Level 2 Fractureverses (Extremely Mild)

Level Two Fractureverses are slightly less common, but still common nevertheless. These Fractureverses will appear to have extremely small subatomic fractures in space-time, so if you're extremely small, you might get glitched out.

Level 3 Fractureverses (Mild)

Level Three Fractureverses are even less common. Fractureverses that are at this level will have the property of being able to teleport and warp matter inside of it. All organisms smaller than 10 cm will be in danger of this warping effect.

Level 4 Fractureverses (Dangerous)

Level Four Fractureverses are Fractureverses that pose a danger to regular life, and not just small organisms. These Fractureverses can glitch you, warp you, and even glitch the Existence Rank of itself and all matter inside of it. Level 4 Fractureverses are also where the first signs of cracking show up.

Level 5 Fractureverses (Extreme)

Level Five Fractureverses are very dangerous, and much caution is needed when going into Level Five Fractureverses. Reality can be completely messed up, and many of these Fractureverses have an imaginary Existence Rank, causing extremely messed up anomalies to appear. Level Five Fractureverses can appear to be a "fractured verse", hence the name "Fractureverse".

Level 6 Fractureverses (Insane)

Level Six Fractureverses are the highest level of Fractureverse, and are the rarest. Only 4 Fractureverses have been marked with this level, and all have been distorted and fractured beyond recognization. Level 6 Fractureverses are so messed up, such as that they can just erase you if you enter them. These Fractureverses can even turn neighboring verses into other Fractureverses, making these verses ridiculously dangerous.