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Frick is a massive verse that contains

Universes of Greatness. Unlike other verses of its size, Frick contains no voids, and everything in it has an atmosphere. Frick does not have a defined size, and everything in it (except for the core) constantly changes in times of 0, its only limits being that it has to be, in total

or less of the Protoverse of Epicness, and a single part cannot be as small as, or smaller, than 0. Despite being named Frick, it is not contained in the Frickplex and is not directly contained by any variant of Fricksville. The many parts of it are not connected in layers, but by an out of bounds area that is not part of Frick, nor is it visible to most entities.

It acts as a transition from Greatness to Epicness.


Frickhumans are the dominant species of Frick. Frickhumans are extremely powerful, and singular ones already have a power level close to even The Cosmological Recycler! Frickhumans can easily do many tasks, such as manipulating reality, and are incapable of aging. Frickhumans have a few limits though, they are not boundless after all. Frickhumans cannot change their size, or any objects size, and also are inable of creating life. The most powerful Frickhumans can see and enter the out of bounds zone. The Frickhumans are also the main reason why Frick contains no voids, as they use the voids as storage areas.


Frickers are another sapient species on Frick. They are mildly powerful, and are immortal in the sense that, if they die, they can easily be recovered. They live in a Universe in Frick where they are famous to hold competitions. These competitions can be quite unusual like competitions over competitions. Some Frickers possess reality manipulation powers.



Storage areas are the most common areas in Frick. Storage areas are used because they allow an infinite amount of resources in one area. Each storage area contains one type of resource.


The Planets in Frick contain Frickhumans and other life. They are comparable to earth, just on a much larger scale. Some planets have other features such as Floating Islands.


Residential areas in Frick are a mix of the storage and planet areas. The inside of these areas has huge storage space, and the outside has a housing area and a nature area. Most Frickhumans live in these areas.