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Pentagroxov is a very mysterious entity that suddenly appeared 1,000 years ago and the infobox practically says everything.

Hypotheses as to how it appeared

The Fluctuation Hypothesis

The fluctuation hypothesis is a hypothesis that says that it appeared 1,000 years ago due to random quantum fluctuations

The Actually Older Than 1,000 Years Hypothesis

This hypothesis says that it is actually way older than 1,000 years old and was only discovered recently.

The big egg

This is a big cosmic entity

It made eggs a long time ago and has created every egg larger than an Archverse

It is the god of eggs and egg-like objects

It is also genderless

Also the big egg can do anything with eggs so if it has a lot of eggs it can do whatever it wants

Donut God

The donut god is the god of donuts. It created donuts back in 0 OYC and is now making donut-shaped verses every nanosecond.


qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm is a very powerful entity that created the other 3 gods and has a gamer level of 0 which is super high also it is way more powerful than donut god

look at infobox or die tmr


Joes are very weird entities that have no known origin. They are sometimes good or bad or even neutral and take the appearance of a white spheroid. They are very powerful and can do basically anything. They can also control their existence rank and finality index at will. Sadly, joes will dissipate if they do not get enough food. This leads joes to kill eachother so they can eat more food.

Different joe types

  1. Type 1 joes are the weakest types of joes, and are only a few billion times the strength of qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm.
  2. Type 2 joes are stronger than type 1 joes and can also delete type 1 joes (joes cannot delete joes of same type or higher type). Type 2 joes are immeasurably stronger than type 1 joes.
  3. Type 3 joes are basically just overpowered type 2 joes.

Bob the fish (First Form)

Bob the fish is a very powerful fish and he is the leader of a large group of very powerful fish and bob is the strongest of them.

Bob the fish (Second Form)

when he gets angry or feels threatened he enters this form.

The stick council

The stick council is a small group of 16 powerful sticks of different colors and they rule over lots of stuff.


h is a dot in space that is absurdly op for its size


g is a species of cosmic entity that was made by more powerful entities to be a thing. they also group up to make factions.

biggest factions

  1. Blue faction: it is a large faction that destroys verses that aren't blue and creates blue verses. there are 458,837 gs in it.
  2. the rest of the info was stolen by the pumpkins.