A futtBrick is a unit of data that is the main source of most interdimensional supercomputers. Its data can instantly travel across verses and can store an infinite amount of data.

The Development

The first iterations of futtBricks came around 300 OYC, and they were simply tools to transfer the data in one computer to another. This had been done before, but this tool was instant, so it was a little bit more useful. At the time, these were called dignities.

At around 380 OYC, these dignities were designed to be th dimensional on the inside, allowing infinite data storage. This physical space was converted into digital space through metaboxial technology.

The futtBricks got their current name at 414 OYC, and they gained the ability to travel between verses with different physical laws. This was because there was a physics adapter contraption that was integrated and then unintegrated into the data.

Today, futtBricks can now transfer across any verse with any dimensionality or properties.


Usage as Data Storing

futtBricks' simplest uses are just being ways to store an infinite amount of data in a space which doesn't use much data at all. The data that it stores can be text, renderings, objects, or verses, and the data is simply stored inside a converter.

Usage as Data Transferring


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