An Example of a GR Verse with many matter spilling out into the interuniversal void. Pictured in the center is the largest still existing galaxy, VVVG-7-2K-1

The GRVerse (or Gamma Ray Verse) is an extremely dangerous universe, where the existence of life is impossible. The GRVerse is where all cosmic rays are instantly turned into gamma rays, due to some unknown force. This renders all life forms impossible. Black holes that emit gamma rays have their rays multiplied a Thousand-Fold, even up to a Billion-Fold. The gamma rays here are so strong, that they have the power to exit out of the universe, by bypassing the laws of physics, such as accelerating beyond the speed of light. the GRVerse cannot expand anymore, untill a "More Stable" enviroment settles down. The GRVerse is 200 Billion LY in size, and its gamma rays have also affected other universes, such as our own.

List of GRVerses

GRV-27-J0 - A Universe at the age of 2.76 million years old, here, gamma ray bursts are as common as photons.

GRV-9GV - A Stable GRV, where gamma rays are not common place, but are still powerful.

GRV-762-A - A Large GRV, far larger than ours, at 209 billion years old. It once blasted a gamma ray with the energy of a big bang, destroying a universe in the procces and creating a new GRV.

GRV-762-B - The offspring of GRV-762-A. Only 1.89 million years old. Also technically an offspring of the aforementioned destroyed universe. Gamma rays here are far weaker than that of a typical GRV.

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