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The Gamma Ring is the 13th ring in the Ring Series. It scores a Gamma on the Kardashev scale. It is the first ring that is named after an electro-magnetic radiation instead of a color. Like it's successor, the X-Ring, it is not run by any known organization.

The Gamma Ring has its own smell and taste, even though no being can smell or taste it. It smells like all previous rings combined 100% of the time, and tastes like anything contained in any EsrevinU 100% of the time.

The Guardian is soulless, mindless, and only exists to destroy. It makes anything within a light-year of it apparently vanish out of existence (however, it's more likely it behaves similarly to The Big's void when matter is thrown in it). It, being soulless and mindless, is incapable of showing mercy.

The Gamma Ring is not run by any known organization. The Gamma Ring "Leadership" is a group that attempts to hold order in the Gamma Ring. It has no real power, and does not run the Ring, making most of its attempts unsuccessful.

The Gamma Ring is even more unbelievably unstable than the Black Ring. Every 2 weeks, 2.3 to 4.6 million Black Rings are ejected (11.5 million to 23 million in the outer sections).

War is constant and will stop after Reality collapses in on itself, which will (likely) never happen. Similarly to the X-Ring, the Gamma Ring's community is still apart of the Federation of Rings.

Note: Do not attempt to play fetch with the Gamma Ring. Nothing will happen, but you’ll look like an idiot, like an unfortunate soul, Rebecca Harth.

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