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The Gemverse is a prime example of opposite gravity through Oppomatter, as well as a crust of minerals.

While it is called the Gemverse, not all of them are technically considered gems because they aren't crystalline materials.

The entire verse has inverse gravity, where everything will use gravity to the outside instead of the inside.

The outside is habitable, and many living civilizations have had life living on this entire verse. The outside of this verse is divided into seven regions, each having their own minerals attracting to them.

Each of these regions have a different civilization, with many different properties and appearances.


The outside or "crust" of this verse is made entirely out of Oppomatter. From the outside it looks boring and grey, but the inside is where it is interesting.

Oppomatter is a bit like antimatter, but instead of the particles being antiparticles, the positions of the protons and electrons have swapped. The nucleus is now made of electrons and the electrons are replaced with protons. There are special particles called Echositrons that make wavelengths around the protons and electrons to allow Oppomatter to be possible.

Oppomatter and Matter

Like matter, Oppomatter can have a different number of protons and electrons, creating atoms like Oppohydrogen and Oppoxegen. Because of the special particles, these atoms have the same properties a regular matter.

An atom of Oppohydrogen visualized.

Atoms of matter and Oppomatter can attract to each other, but only in a very strange way. A matter atom can only attract to an Oppomatter atom if they have the same element number. Oppohydrogen can only attract hydrogen and nothing else. Oppoxygen can only attract oxygen, etc.

These connections still work if the oppomatter or matter are molecules. A molecule of Oppocarbon dioxide would be able to attract both carbon and oxygen.

Oppomatter Naming

The names of Oppomatter are almost the same as the normal matter atoms, but with "oppo" at the front. Oppohydrogen, Oppohelium, or Oppolithium. If the element already starts with O, we would simply add an "Opp" instead, making Oppoxygen or Oppoganesson.

The atomic symbol would be the same as the normal atom, but with a lowercase "o" before it. Oppohydrogen would have oH, Oppohelium would have oHe, etc.


There are six different regions on the outside of the Gemverse. This is because each part of the crust of the Gemverse is made of a different Oppomatter atom or molecule. Therefore, different minerals get pulled by gravity toward these different Oppomatter atoms or molecules.

Each region has its own civilization and own species, as well as their own properties in terms of appearance and physical advantages and disadvantages.

Some of them have tried to save more resources than necessary, so they haven't advanced very far. However, recently, they have been convinced that advancement and development is more important than resource saving since they have a near-endless supply, so they are planning to develop much more in the next few years.


This region is the largest out of the six regions. It is inhabited by species that are simply sentient spheres with no limbs or body parts, but are multi-celled organisms.

This section is the flattest out of all of them, with barely any craters or mountains.

Even without limbs, the inhabitants of this section have still accomplished many great things because of their ability to change the position of things due to their rolling ability. They have discovered a "vision" system where the feeling of just one thing can make them aware of everything else around them, since their only sense is touch.

This section is made of coal because the Oppomatter on this section is Oppocarbon, and coal is made out of carbon, so it attracts here.

The main landmarks of this section are the few tall things they have created. One of them is a stadium. It was created by taking a flat model and then "folding" it to create something three dimensional.

The tallest structure here is over 500 meters tall, but it is also 100,000 meters wide at the bottom. It was simply created by placing many inclined planes next to each other, creating a mountain shape.

Most of the species in here don't have homes, but they simply don't need them. They don't have emotions either, so all of the time spent in this region by these sphere species are productive.


Ironem is the second of the six regions. This one is covered in iron since this section of the crust is made of Oppoiron.

The species is lizards, but they are very intelligent, and are the simplest beings on this verse that actually have limbs. They live in natural holes that existed in the iron, because they thought it was more resourceful and used less iron.

Buildings in general are rarely made because the iron is very rough, so there are a lot of holes to take place of buildings that simply need to be extended. The most common types of buildings are therefore museums, statues, galleries, or anything that requires flat walls or something to be displayed.

When a building is created, it is always made of triangles because they are the most stable and take up the most space. This uses less of the iron.

The tallest building in Ironem is only 7 meters tall, because the lizards used to believe anything taller would be wasteful of resources. It is the statue to show the Gemverse it its entirety.

Recently, however, the citizens of Ironem have been convinced that the main meaning of building society is advancement and development, so they have planned to do much more with their very large supply of iron in the near future.


Goldem is the third region. The government of Goldem is very powerful and has helped the civilization develop a lot.

This region is relatively easy to walk on, but the ground has a lot of slopes. Even though it has slopes, the gold structures are easy to create.

The beings of Goldem, unlike Carbonem and Ironem, are not resourceful of their supply of gold. They normally use the gold in wasteful ways, and the permanently decreasing supply of gold has been a problem for many years.

Most of this gold has been used to make the many, many structures that exist here. The tallest one is the tallest structure in the entire Gemverse, and it is 913 meters tall.

Goldem was the first community to achieve an entire society.

Goldem is mostly linear and is a line that connects from one side of the Gemverse to the other. This makes it easy to walk out of Goldem and into another region.


Platinumem is the second largest region out of all of the Gemverse reigons, but it is possibly the poorest.

Platinumem is one of the flattest of the regions, and they don't have as many resources as the others.

Therefore, the civilization of Platinumem is relatively poor. They used to be the poorest region by certainty, but the civilization of Ironem donated a third of their items a few OYCs ago. This grew the civilization of Platinumem.

Platinumem, while it is flat, has about one meter of depth to it, so there are a lot of simple rectangular holes for resources or for beds.

Buildings are barely ever made, since they don't have the resources to build something stable. They have only built 24 buildings, and the tallest one is only 5.3 meters tall.

The species of this region is unique, since they are sentient goo "blobs" that can roll around and change shape.

They have limbs, but it is difficult to use them since they are goo. They always use them in the middle of the region since it is colder there and the limbs would be more stable. This is the reason why the majority of Platinumem is just a bland field of nowhere.


Diamondem is possibly the richest region out of all of them, but they don't have the best society.

Diamondem's species are dogs, but they have built the most buildings out of any of the species, at 512,332,120 buildings.

Diamondem isn't very resourceful, but they are very wealthy. They often use resources in strange ways, but they believe that "they have so many that wasting a bit won't do much".

Out of the over 500 million structures, the tallest one is only 701 meters tall. There are no taller structures because it is thought to use too many of their resources for something not-so-special.

A normal house in Diamondem would be 10 meters squared in floor space. The other regions have complained about them wasting valuable stuff for unnecessary floor space, but they have simply ignored these. Despite this, they are the civilization that want to advance and develop the most.

Diamondem houses usually have a variety of furniture.


Quartzem is the smallest region out of all of the regions in the Gemverse.

Quartzem has a very simple species and community, since they are just insects. They have made very small buildings that most of the other beings wouldn't be able to even walk through the door.

While the land in Quartzem is very rough, the insects have the ability to simply climb over the rough edges. Also, many flat paths have been dug out by the Quartzem civilization, so the middle of the community is flat and easy to traverse.

Even though this region is the smallest, it feels very big to the insects because they are small, which often causes debates to who's region is actually the biggest, even though Carbonem is physically the largest.

The tallest structure in Quartzem is actually quite tall at 50 meters tall. While this took many years to build, it is a monument to the insects because it shows that the size of a being won't directly affect its capabilities in very many ways.

Quartzem residents don't like to be involved with other regions very much, but they sometimes do. When this happens, the Quartzem residents try to make the conversation or debate as short as possible.


While most of the matter in the Gemverse has been attracted to the edges because of opposite gravity, there is still some matter that doesn't attract to any of the outside parts because there is no Oppomatter equivalent for that matter on the outside.

Since this matter has floated around in the void of the Gemverse, they have come together in a sphere and now have their own gravity due to hydrostatic equilibrium. This creates a "core" in the middle of the entire Gemverse.

Core Crust

The layers of the Gemverse core

On the crust of the structure in the middle of the Gemverse, there is a mixture of many different atoms that have seemingly random arrangements. The most common elements are in the middle, so the less common ones have just formed a layer on the outside.

The crust is separated into two parts. The outside part has most of the liquid and the middle part has most of the solid matter. It is separated this way because of the gravity, so the liquid is now outside of the solid. Since it was made from collisions, there are a few patches of liquid in the solid section, but this is just because some of the liquid was enclosed by the solid, and the liquid, if the solid was dug up, would simply rise to the crust.

Core Element Layer Zone

The majority of the Gemverse core is made out of layers of a single element. While the minor quantities of elements pile up on the crust, the major quantities form layers in this zone.

The gravity here is very high, and the layers often fuse together since the temperature is hot, and that brings these solid elements closer to their liquid form. Slowly, this can cause parts of the layers to mix and sometimes even form molecules. The molecules, after a certain amount of time, tend to rush to the crust where it belongs.

List of CELZ elements

  • Lithium
  • Beryllium
  • Boron
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Sulfur
  • Chromium
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Arsenic
  • Rubidium
  • Zirconium
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • Iodine
  • Lanthanium

The Origin

This is the core of the core of the Gemverse, which is why it is called the Origin. Similarly to the core crust, it is basically just a jumble of elements, and they don't have any organization to them. This includes every solid element whether it is major in the core layers or not.

Since the temperature here is very hot, many elements are unable to exist in this core in their solid state in three dimensions. The origin does not contain such elements.

Without the origin, the entire Gemverse core wouldn't have gravity at all, so it definitely plays an important role in the stability.


There are many atoms that don't get attracted to the outside, but there are also many atoms in the core that aren't solid or liquid. They are gases, and aren't really affected by the gravity of the core of the Gemverse.

The atmosphere is actually habitable due to it containing atoms like oxygen or nitrogen. This is why the Gemverse regions are habitable.

Gravity Line

At some point between the outermost part of the core and the innermost part of the crust, there is a point in the atmosphere. This is the point where if you were to pass it, the gravity would change. It might seem like someone could cross the line by accident, but the core gravity is much weaker than the Oppomatter gravity, so this never happens.

Oppomatter Fluctuations

Oppomatter has a strange property of being much more likely to quantum fluctuate randomly than regular matter. In the entire history of the Gemverse, there have been nine distinct times where oppomatter has fluctuated and created an impact on the Gemverse.

The fluctuations can really be anything minor and they are very common, but major changes are as rare as minor fluctuation changes in regular matter. Most of the fluctuations that have happened haven't made much of a lasting impact on the civilizations or the Gemverse, but a few of them have.

Table of Notable Fluctuations

Date Name Impact
705 OYC Incident 1 The opposite gravity of the Gemverse decreased a little bit. This allowed living beings to jump about a half a centimeter higher, but it didn't leave much of a lasting impact.
706 OYC Incident 2 One of the Phosphorus elements in the core stopped being affected by gravity and fell into the Quartzem region, where it rolled down a hill and blocked the door of a building, trapping an insect inside. Later that day, one of the Diamondem residents removed the Phosphorus and moved it to a safe place.
804 OYC The Platinumem Incident One of the Platinum gems in Platinumem disappeared, causing the one above it to fall down and block part of someone's house. This was fixed in a few days, but it was rather expensive.
873 OYC Jeffery Fluctuation A part of one of the Carbonem balls fell out and left a hole in his body. This allowed him to easily get stuck while rolling, which made life a bit more difficult. Another ball could push him and he would be able to roll again, so it was only a slight inconvenience.
900 OYC 3453453498-AYK One of the gems in Goldem disappeared, causing someone on top of it to fall into a hole and it took a few days to get her out.
978 OYC Incident 6 One of the gems in Goldem disappeared, leaving no lasting impact.
1015 OYC Incident 7 One of the Zinc elements in the origin disappeared, leaving no lasting impact.
1056 OYC The Dual Region This fluctuation had the longest lasting impact. A part of Platinumem near Goldem got changed to gold gems. This created a huge argument between Platinumem and Goldem since they argued whether or not that region belonged to them. The region is technically part of Platinumem, but it has gold gems and not platinum gems, so it would logically belong to Goldem. This argument was finally stopped by a Diamondem resident who gave many logical reasons that it belonged to Goldem and why the argument was pointless, so Platinumem accepted that they had lost a bit of land.
1198 OYC Incident 9 The left side of someone's doorknob got a little bigger in Ironem.