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Gerald is the co-leader of everything, even overcoming the Hyper Void Lord's strength. If you were to make an entity stronger, Gerald has absolutely no limits on affecting entities of greater power unlike all other entities, so he can change the power levels of any other entity at his will. He doesn't like when entities are more powerful than him, so he decides to demote all entities above his power to power below. His power changing ability is also ABSOLUTELY PERMENANT and cannot be removed by any entity, even above his power. If an entity tries to weaken Gerald, then Gerald can promote himself back to his main power. If an entity persists to change power levels, Gerald will straight erase the entity altogether. He can also solo fiction. Gerald is above the box and infinite omniverses or Gerald can just destroy broxes. Transcends above every dimension and can basically erase anybody no matter how strong they are, and even if they transcend anything like for example the omniverse, Gerald can make it so the entity that transcends the omniverse will be below the omniverse and never transcend it at all. Gerald can also make it so any entity stronger than him, Gerald can freely make them into what ever dimensionality he wants, like he can make 4D being into a 1D being even if you are above infinite dimensions you are still affected by his dimensionality changes. Also they cannot be reversed by any stronger being or entity, ABSOLUTELY PERMANENT. Outerversal characters are still affected and their power can be changed to be below Gerald because it does not matter how strong an entity is.

All exceptions are applied to the recently discovered entity known as StickFigure78, or the Nonconformist StickFigure, on which he can [DATA DELETED] Gerald but he wouldn't, since he can influence his very form to be a friend of him.

The deleted data means the most destructive action describable by words in the omniverse to any entity

He can carry far more destructive actions that would take infinity text to describe even a negative percent.

Gerald can also resist all erasure methods used on him and is absolutely immortal. The spirals in the picture are virtual particles and gases, they're only virtual and they disappear in 1 second after creation. The giant orb is Gerald himself.(exceptions on StickFigure78)

Other Powers

  • He can nullify anything another entity does, even nullification. This nullification done by Gerald cannot be nullified by any other cosmic entities other than of course, the Absolute Creator.
  • He has full access to The Core of Everything, and acts as a second Absolute Creator because the original is a bit lazy. The Absolute Creator usually bounces back contact to Gerald.
  • Can erase abilities/powers other entities have but cannot do so to the absolute creator.
  • Gerald can bypass Immunity like erasure immunity etc.
  • He is not above the second everything layer.

Gerald vs Other Entities

Just because an entity is here doesn't mean Gerald wants to destroy these.

  • The True God is child's play, just erased.
  • Dunkey Kong can now kill Gerald just by seeing him; however, Gerald can just regenerate and thus a battle is pointless, until Gerald has had it and brings out his True Rage form, to completely obliterate Dunkey Kong as a whole. Gerald would fail anyway since before he would enter his true rage form {due to DK's negative reaction times} DK would get the dunk sword and enter his strongest form and completely destroy gerald.
  • The Absolute Creator is avoided as Gerald doesn't want to disturb him and TAC is also Gerald's friend and creator. An exception is when Gerald is bored and wants to play with TAC.
  • Celestialsapien from every Ben 10 omniverse fused together to try to kill Gerald but failed as Gerald just made them weaker than Gerald but Gerald spared them because they are not a threat to Gerald.
  • 👁 cant be powered down'd by gerald, so 👁 wins easily.
  • StickFigure78 simply [DATA EXPUNGED] him, the most destructive action in the Third Realm.

Gerald vs Verses

Same thing applies here. Also not intended to be a Dunkey Kong ripoff.

Logical Terminator is erased.

Ducks are ripped into 0-sized pieces.

Ring System of Eternity has it's core erased then it's fruity cloud rings.

Ultimate Continuum is erased.

Octahedron System is erased.

Transcendent Omniverse is erased while Gerald is in the True Rage form.

The Nugget is erased.

To destroy Great Borger without upsetting the customer, Gerald sets up a function in the code to speed up time fast enough so that the customer can eat the Great Borger in 10 normal seconds and set time back to normal speed after the Great Borger is eaten by the customer, then runs the function.

Grand Ultimaverse is erased.

GLUE.jpg is erased.

Greek-Hebrew Verse Hierarchy is erased.

Gardenverse is erased.

Eats every day at the R E S T U R A N T.

Every single poyoverse is destroyed.

The biggest thing he can destroy is The Boxial

Stickfigureverse erases Gerald's True Rage form temporarily as a warning and a defense.

True Rage Form

Gerald goes into his True Rage form when he's just completely had it with an entity. In this form, his power is beyond incomprehensible, and if you put together 20 copies of Gerald in his True Rage form, he can literally do things beyond even The Core of Everything's abilities.

Gerald when he is in his True Rage Form can even rival bruh form Dunkey Kong, one of DK's strongest forms.

(exceptions on StickFigure78)