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Ghuipsuperverse (GHUSUV) is The Near Everything but translated from Unireality to Superreality; it owns of the super-everything.

Because of this, it is similar enough to the Near Everything that it has been considered a "sister verse" of it.

The law gradients are mapped in a way that instead of being based on position, they are based on size and position. Many of these law gradients contain eachother or overlap with eachother, allowing for reality-splitting situations that sometimes output pure ζ particles, which have been harvested by civilizations in order to travel across reality, create linked matter, etc. This is of a result of strange, reversed cause and effect that is due to this verse existing on a higher level of reality.

The "bouncing shapes" here are randomized hierarchies of unirealities, each of which have their own big structures that are either major milestones or simply hard to get past. Every OYC, the laws of these verses are changed in a way that keeps their structure (somewhat) intact, but still affects said verses.

These hierarchies are linked in a strange way that cannot exist outside of this verse, similar to the fact that the "bouncing shapes" in the Near Everything not being allowed outside of it. These verses contain O particles, a strange particle that is somehow not comprised of Preprimordium Particles. The verses are linked by the O Particles' extremely weird charge and bonding properties, but these properties are unreliable and sometimes lead to the scrambling of the size, dimensionality, position, and containment of verses.

Pre-chain Cetaverse Mandelbrotverse Mega-box Ultra-box The Great Triangle The Great Square The Super Space The Absolute Space The Near Everything Bnathverse The Most of Everything The Absolute Everything
Superverses () THE atom The Infinite Everything Knathsuperverse Kolmnasuperverse Altahsuperverse The Great Superpentagon Ujkasuperverse Bhatsuperverse Ghuipsuperverse Terminal Icosahedron
Hyperverses () THE galaxy Kappahyperverse Upsilonhyperverse Gammahyperverse Icosahyperverse Arkahyperverse Ghayahyperverse Terminal Rhombicuboctahedron
Ultraverses () Iotaultraverse Arkthaultraverse Hakarultraverse The Ultra Black Nullainterparesultraverse Perpendicularultraverse
Teraverses () Øpałatyœñ Ťāzræŵo Taparék THE Qwerty Tyažonteraverse Pas̀kateraverse Zatàteraverse Ẍakkateraverse Ÿanateraverse Ŵasàteraverse Terminal Thing
Xettaverses THE Floating Ƕ Nìllaxettaverse Dimanttxettaverse Merkuriumxettaverse Orbitalexettaverse Gradientxettaverse Jadrkexettaverse
Goymaverses THE red square Asimagoymaverse Nalkgoymaverse Klaçagoymaverse Bsëteagoymaverse Rolmeegoymaverse Pœliuxgoymaverse
Fëllx Haggafëllxverse Ytayafëllxverse Pakafëllxverse
Beyond Å The Last Verse The Last Plane The Last Void
The Five Great Barriers The Bottle The Shelf Terminal Nonacontanonagon The Bubble The Greater Triangle
Cascadaverses Percudicascadaverse Zapaiyecascadaverse Doniabcascadaverse Vepanoncascadaverse Cryonicocascadaverse ???? Terminal Truncated Nonacontaconagon
Noniaverses Ulankinoniaverse Possemaononiaverse Zormnoniaverse Vüqanoniaverse Hogtowarnoniaverse Anäaknoniaverse Kaleidononiaverse The Final Space
Dretcaverses Terminal Orb Londiadretcaverse Phfünitdretcaverse Nahdiidretcaverse IIki'akdretcaverse Hoøyadretcaverse
Shape-Verses The Great Triangle The Great Square The Great Superpentagon The Greater Triangle
Relicverses Pēnchearelicverse
Large ones here Detokroanawakaisinghaverse Policiahsewverse
Miscellaneous Multiversal Planet Big chungus The Inaccessible Cardinal