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Glitchonicite is an element in the periodic table. It has a couple abilities that distinguish it from other elements. They include:

  • Ability to create copies of itself or other particles/matter using other matter
  • Ability to allow for instant travel across the hierarchy
  • Ability to manipulate a verse's laws
  • Ability to corrupt matter/spacetime/existence ranks, causing it to behave in very strange ways
  • Ability to split other particles or fuse them
  • Ability to change its density
  • Ability to create other particles out of thin air

When Glitchonicite is heated, it melts into a very infectious substance which creates copies all over the place, especially on whatever cools it down.

The element is very rare, but techniques of finding and harvesting it have made getting Glitchonicite way easier, allowing some civilizations to mass-produce it.

Glitchonicite, due to its dangerous nature, has had its production be limited due to the possible dangers of too much Glitchonicite.

Glitchonicite, when in its solid or liquid state, has a weird violet/red/white color. Also, the Glitchonicite molecule is very strange. It doesn't have atoms, instead it is made out of tiny strings of subatomic particles that are linked together in different ways.

Those strings are Chaotic Wire, Glitchy String, and Unknown String.