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The Grassverse is made of grassballs. Each grassball has 3 layers

The first and largest layer is the dark layer, containing mostly dark green grass.

The second layer is the bright layer containing very bright grass.

The third layer is the very bright layer containing lots of grass and other plants too but mostly grass.

⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞ (that's grass)

About 2

Nobody knows how many grassballs are in the grassverse. Most people agree that the number of grassballs is a transfinite ordinal.

About 3

Some grassballs are different than others. Some have just grass, some have grass and other plants, Some have blue grass or red grass, and 3 to 68 grassballs even have animals on them.

grass cubes

grass cubes appear once every 1 million grassballs. they are cubes of grass instead of spheres.