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Gray holes are points of singularity positive in volume. they emit a dim white light, which contains every wavelength of light from 80 picometers in wavelength to 0.1 light years in wavelength. Grey holes have a strange force of combined gravity and antigravity called the Strange Force that increases the volume of any object around it as in spreading out even the most basic of sub-preon particles, making it impossible to touch them with any technologies or phenomenon known to even some of the highest civilizations. grey holes are on average 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter. Objects can emerge from a Gray hole, the way that they do this is through the usage of technology achievable by a type 1.04 civilization, using something called quantum singularity manipulation, in which one singularity absorbs one particle and another singularity emits that particle, using a particle grid you can track where the particles will emerge and send a organism or object through the Grey hole and make it appear out of another one. This process seems like it would touch the Grey hole, but it actually uses three way quantum coupling to be sent through to the other one. Grey holes are not affected by the force of gravity, and seem to be slightly magnetic. Gray holes may seem quite strange from this description, but it is stranger still, because it can allow travel, although limited, from physical reality to simulated reality via complicated means that even the most enlightened philosophers cannot understand. Sometimes things that emerge from a grey hole were not sent into it in the first place, most of the time, the beings that come out are friendly, but other times... things don't go so well for anything in the vicinity of the gray hole.

Type 1 0 - 5 meters in diameter

Type 2 5 - 15 meters in diameter

Type 3 15 - 45 meters in diameter

Type 4 45 - 105 meters in diameter

Type 5 105 - 350 meters in diameter

Type 6 350 - 1,550 meters in diameter

Type 7 1,550 - 12,550 meters in diameter

Type 8 12,550 - 360,000 meters in diameter

Type 9 360,000 - 45,333,330 meters in diameter

Type 10 45,333,330 - 742,333,333,333 meters in diameter

Type 11 7,423,33,333,333 - 925,753,333,333,333,333 meters in diameter