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The Green Ring is the 3rd ring, containing the Red Ring. Its size is 100 times greater than that of the previously mentioned ring. The size difference between the Green Ring and the Red Ring is much smaller than the size difference between the Red Ring and the Blue Ring. It is not known to be unstable.

The Green Ring has the taste of pears and the scent of green markers. The Green Ring, unlike the previous ones, is gas-like and is less circular than the previous ones.

Much like its two predecessors, the Green Ring houses a Guardian at its center. It is much stronger than the respective guardians of the Red and Blue Rings. The Green Ring Clan, enemies of the Red Ring Cult and Blue Ring Fellowship, deny the existence of any other ring. The Cult and Fellowship, at one point, temporarily joined together to take down the Clan, and were somewhat successful. At the current moment, the Green Ring Clan is in a state of recovery, and has ceased their attacks.

Note: Do not attempt to breathe in the Green Ring. Your lungs will disintegrate into apple seeds, as my friend recently found out.

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