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The Grey Ring is the 11th Ring in the Ring series. It scores a Grey on the Kardashev Scale. It is the beginning of the end of the Ring Series, as all Rings after and including the Grey Ring are unstable (with the exception of the Final Ring, which is still unknown). It is, at the moment, under the control of the Grey Ring Council.

The Grey Ring has a taste and smell that is unknown to our society. On a approximately 0.0861% of tastes and sniffs, it has the taste and smell of apple juice.

The Grey Ring has its own Guardian. This Guardian was, at one point, killed in a battle against the Guardian of the White Ring. The Grey Ring Council was, with time, able to revive it, making the Guardian of the Grey Ring the first reanimated Guardian.

The Grey Ring is a part of the Federation of Rings, who seeks to destroy all Rings that they find inferior to their own. The Federation includes the Cyan Ring, the Grey Ring, the Black Ring, and several other Rings following them.

The Grey Ring, as previously mentioned, is somewhat unstable. Every 127.48 years, the Grey Ring ejects 7 to 12 White Rings. The Ring following the Grey Ring, the Black Ring, is much more unstable, even more so than the infamous Cyan Ring.

The Grey Ring is a source of innovation in technology. Unfortunately, this technology is usually used for malicious purposes against anti-FoR Rings. One example of this is the Ring Buster, which is powerful enough to easily wipe out Yellow Rings, and sometimes Orange Rings. A weapon similar to this, at one point, was developed by the Purple Ring in order to help destroy the Cyan Rings, but it was soon banned due to the immense amount of deaths that it caused. The Grey Ring is working to build a stronger version of the Ring Buster that's capable of destroying up to Purple Rings.

Note: Do not attempt to light the Grey Ring on fire. Your lungs will fill with smoke and you will suffocate.

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