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H̄æwnverse (or มิติของแหวน), is a verse that has rings around it. The rings are formed by galaxies spinning around H̄æwnverse. The name H̄æwn is the sound of the pronounciation of the word แหวน, that means rings, in Thai, and its full name, มิติของแหวน, means dimension of the rings. Also, 0.0341% of the planets of the main part are gold planets! They are composed of 75% gold, 23% iron and 2% other. But in the rings part, there are much better benefits! There are yellow diamond planets, and only 0.0931% of the ring's planets are yellow diamond planets! They are composed out of 68% Y. Diamond, 29% iron, 2% gold, and 1% other.

A slice of a gold planet.


H̄æwnverse was discovered in 2287, by a thai called Varunvirya Damrongsak, when he was analyzing universes at the UCZ (Universe Concentration Zone). He saw a weirdly shaped verse, he thought this verse was shaped like a UFO, but in 2325, another Thai, called Tarrin Rojjanasukchai, observed the same verse, and it wasn't shaped like a UFO, and yes, a spherical verse with rings! And he decided to call this verse มิติของแหวน, or H̄æwnverse.

A slice of a yellow diamond planet.