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HOSTLESS is a verse that contains 2 U N L I M I Ts, and a single planet. Weirdly enough, light does not travel in HOSTLESS, making it appear static while it really isn't. known verse in the cosmos to be able to glitch to be an infinitely small point.


HOSTLESS, has an actual structure of sorts. HOSTLESS is divided into exactly 10,000,000 different x, y, and z coordinates. The HOSTLESS U N L I M I Ts that it contains are usually positioned at the x, y, and z coordinates of 13978, 12739, 10976 and 8980, 8018, 10984. However, this position is not fixed, and the U N L I M I Ts can freely move around HOSTLESS. That has also caused the U N L I M I Ts to collide with each other, strangely making them disappear. HOSTLESS, unlike U N L I M I T, does not have any life.


U N L I M I T was discovered by a group of explorers that found a portal disguised as a verse. When they entered the portal, they landed inside HOSTLESS, which was completely hidden to all of the explorers and all their ships. They discovered a single planet inside HOSTLESS.


HOSTLESS has to be constantly maintained in order to keep it from being annihilated by light rays coming from The aardwolf, and due to the rays, its reflectivity is going away. Because of this, the surface has been coated in large reflective panels that have to be kept in tip top condition, as just a single slip could lead to the whole verse being destroyed in under a minute.