Harpameter is a kind of measurement, which is equal to 1030 meters, or 1,000 Brontometers. It is equivalent to 105.7 trillion light years, making it a multiversal-level measurement.

Notable things within Harpameter range

Imaginary Cubes of size at least 1 Hm3 are significantly weaker than the smaller ones, as Imaginary Energy frequently becomes "hyperplasma" at this point.

Distance to other verses, In Harpameters

Verse Distance (Harpameters)
Törmäysverse 1.13
Ferroverse 5.82
Palladiumverse 6.11
Mieszkanieverse 8.39
Dískosverse 10.8
H̄æwnverse 34.2
Omegaverse 288
Pi-verse 312
Mathverse 496
Lightverse 591
Upsilonverse 671
Shenaverse 819
Thetaverse 923
Iotaverse 1,036
Omicronverse 1,291
Deltaverse 1,675
Umicronverse 5,192
Lambdaverse 7,812
Alpakaverse 11,671
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