Hebb is yet another unimaginably tiny verse. Like Heaa, it is extremely hard to observe. Only 5 have been closely observed, with only one image of a Hebb existing. It has been estimated that even more Hebbs exist than Heaas, with a lot of them being outside of the Heaas.

Hebbs seem to have trillions of tiny, glowing dots in them, with them all varying in color and size. Further research has been completed, but it was difficult, due how hard it is to contain Hebbs.

Due to recent technology invented in a different Absoverse, studies have been made on what the dots are, and it turns out, that these are extremely small people, and the Hebb they live on is like an enourmous planet to them, some Hebbs have been observed with the same civilization on both, which means these micro-people are incredibly advanced in some instances. These beings are still being studied in depth.

In an experiment, 2 Hebbs were made to collide into each other at high speeds. This caused an explosion about 1 μm in diameter, which is much bigger than the Hebbs themselves. It is likely that this event happens all the time, but is rarely notice due to its miniscule size.

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