Heck is a verse with negative dimensions that is too small to be given an accurate measure of size or shape. It is always the smallest verse, as whenever a new verse is created that is smaller, it will shrink to a size smaller than that of the new verse's, even if it has to go below zero.

It's been theorized that something exists inside it, but Heck is too small to be observed by almost all realities. Even if something was able to see something of Heck's size, Heck would still be very difficult to observe because it moves fast enough to create rifts between verses, causing it to change which verse it's in at an extremely fast rate.

Some may think that This is the true smallest verse. Don't bother making a smaller verse, you can't. is the smallest verse, but this can easily be proven false, since it's categories say the Protoverse is smaller. However, the same applies to the Protoverse, as Heck's properties make the Protoverse the second smallest verse. This also applies to the Smallestverse and Microcosm.

The Biggestverse's current description contradicts itself several times, invalidating it as a contender for the smallest verse. Even if it's description wasn't self-contradictory, Heck's properties would make it the second smallest verse anyway. Since the Numberblocksverse's description says it is larger than the Biggestverse, which is larger than Heck is, it's also impossible for it to be the smallest verse.

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