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Picture of black hole

Drawing of white hole

A hole is a huge object in space that can be solid, like black holes, liquids held together by gravity, like gray holes, or just a gas or clouds, like red holes.

List of Holes

Uses Scientific notation and Hyper-E notation.

Color Effect Found Rarity
Black Sucks all matter inside. Not even light can escape Anywhere 1000000
White Connected to black holes. Everything the connected black hole sucks in, is spit out by the white hole Anywhere 1000000
Red Same as black, but can eat blackholes larger than itself Anywhere E12
Blue Teleports matter to a random place in the verse you are in Minoverse 10000000
Gray Breaks objects passing through into molecules (breaks atomic bonds) Anywhere E20
Orange Heats up everything to 1000000 Kelvin Temoverse 1000
Cyan Cools down everything to absolute zero (0 Kelvin) Temoverse 1000
Green Opposite of black - repels everything near it Multiverse E10
Yellow Speeds up matter passing through Holeverse 1000
Purple Deletes matter passing through completely, but does not attract things Holeverse E8
Multicolor Corrupts matter passing through (randomizes speed, temperature, element, etc) Hyperverse Holeverse E50
Bright blue (#ddeeff) Turns everything that passes through into pure H2O, in an ice form. Fyathverse 9.95E99
Gold Everything that passes through gets 5 times brighter, and teleports you to a random place in the Lightverse. Lightverse E8
Grey Gray but spelled different Anywhere E20
Brown Like orange, but heats it up to 1000 Kelvin instead. Temoverse 1000000
Pink Does not attract matter, but clones matter passing through it. Holeverse 1000000
Silver Turns everything that passes through it into Gallium Anywhere E21
Mirror Leads into a mirror reality, where everything is reversed (positive values turn negative). Special containment facilities under extra supervision Only 3 exist as of right now
9.544 octillion ly wavelength Portals into the hypercomplex dimensions: quaternions, octonions, etc. Primeverse 1 in the centre of the verse
Bright yellow Donates a proton to anything passing it 1000 times every second. Holeverse E9
Grayish Yellow Takes a proton from anything passing it 1000 times every second. If it takes away all protons, it deletes it entirely. Holeverse 9E8
Opal Gives anything that passes through it the appearance and texture of any random material Verse.exe and hypothetically


Metal Makes matter bounce off but lose half of its volume. Anywhere E999
Infrared Makes everything passing it infrared-only (invisible to human eye because infrared is invisible) Holeverse 3810
Maroon Same as black, but attracts objects up to 1,000,000 AU away Glitchverse 8192
Dark Yellow Darkens matter passing by Anywhere E45
Dark Green Explodes matter into a cloud colored like the exploded matter The Outside 20000
Navy Teleports matter all the way back to the place of existance beginning Universe 6E690
Dark Purple Same as Dark Green, but any living thing sucked in turns into a moving constellation Universe 7E1380
~7E600LY wavelength Randomizes atoms moving through (amount of protons/neutrons/electrons) The Outside E10000#3


Randomizes location, limited to The Box The Box E10#4
~4E3100LY wavelength Randomizes location, limited to same Ultimension {u} Anywhere E10#6


Randomizes location, limited to same Ultimension {u,2} Anywhere E100#10


Randomizes location, limited to same Ultimension {u,2,2} Anywhere E50#1000
Unknown Randomizes location, limited to same Ultimension {u,2,1,2} Anywhere Theorized
Unknown Randomizes location, limited to same Ultimension {u,2,1,1,2} Anywhere Theorized
Teal Same as green but it repels things up to 100x as far away Anywhere E20 (E8 in verses with lots of black holes)
Turquoise Same as Teal but it attracts things with 10x the force of black holes instead of standard repelling of matter Inside the box or outside Betasm’s imagination E30
Static Any matter that touches it is changed to antimatter. Any antimatter that touches it is changed to regular matter. Attracts things and repels things, the force of each is constantly changing The final few verses in Alphasm’s imagination E17
Glowing purple Teleports individual blueprint particles to random places in different Realms. Anywhere pre-5th everything layer E140
Purplish Greenish Red Nothingness around it is converted to random primordium particles and flung out Metareality-Web and verses post-9th everything layer E60
Broken Mirror Same as mirror but it’s opacity is 0, increases to 0.001 when you are within a distance from it equal to it’s size, increases up to a max of 0.9 when you are 0.01x it’s length away from it. Only exists 1/1,000,000 of minutes in it’s location. Voids, glitchy verses, and end-all-be-all verses E7e+666
Yin-yang Bad guys that see it become good, good guys that see it become bad. Doesn’t pull you in unless you are less than 5 micrometers from it. Touching it makes your blueprint particles each transform into random class 10 or below objects. Class 2, 3, 4, 5, or (fourth everything layer) verses E2e+8
Square alternating green-red-pink Repels things with 5x the force of a green hole but it’s range is 0.2x that of a black hole and touching it makes you turn into a combination of Glitchonicite and Toxicium. Anywhere within trials of The Gatus, also can appear in the th realm 80,000 (E20 in the th realm)
Galaxy Turns things into ridiculously wierd galaxies Outside Alphasm’s imagination E70
Transparent Maroon Doesn’t attract things, drifts really quickly, and inverts the physics of whatever touches it. Outside Betasm’s imagination or unstable verses E120
Fidget Spinner Makes everything it touches spin rapidly Anywhere E600
Dipole Spits out 10^6 electrons every millisecond, and something that passes through it becomes magnetized. Anywhere E⊓^^⊓

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