Hoolaverse is the largest Archverse. This is because the Metabubble here is unusually thick, so it acts as a "endpoint" of the Archverses. The Hoolaverse was made to protect things beyond the Archverse from being structurally corrupted by Glitchonicite used in the Teraverse to observe larger objects. By the time the Archverses started to get corrupted by Glitchconcite, most of the structural spaces for verses were already filled up, so the Hoolaverse had to be positioned stucture-wise here.

The Metabubble surrounding the Hoolaverse has already started to wear away due to entities using parts of the Metabubble to lock entities to very small sizes to isolate them AND the bubble getting punctured by sharks in the SHARKVERSE. It is predicted that in Rayo's Number years, the Metabubble will wear away and Glitchonicite will corrupt whole Barrels.

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