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Not an actual house, as in the building.

"House", by definition, is a closed structure with an entrance that someone sets their habitat in. As a "house", it can be a personal area to do whatever, since there is a large number of objects that you or someone you know personally bought, and you can use personally without any distractions.

In this way, a house can be considered a "personal verse", even though by definition a house is not a verse.


The House is a strange border around most of existence. It's structure is transdimensional, in a way that allows it to move between dimensions due to the way the border starts in every dimension simultaneously.

House has no real "entrance" or "exit" to it, so in that way it isn't, by definition, a "house". In fact, this House is mostly pitch black void, so there isn't even much to do here, completely erasing the property of "personal verse".

However, what actually makes a house a "personal verse"? Is it really the items, or is it just the safety?

"House" (by definition)

Imagine a "house" as a simple box with nothing but an entrance that only you know how to get through.

Of course, this house would be a boring place to live with nothing to do and nothing to help you. However, would the definition of "personal verse" still apply?

Well, actually, some verses are completely empty with nothing to do, such as The Outside, even though they are still considered "verses". These areas still have a purpose of being empty. The definition of "verse" is infinitely arbitrary, due to the different laws in every area of space. The "empty house" theory would therefore be a "personal verse" due to it being still a personal area.

Right now, this House is simply a border. A personal obstacle to the nonexistent "true end". A transdimensional structure that allows objects to move between dimensions. A... black void of nothingness.