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Huggu is a massive rogue planet controlled by The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi. It has some of the strangest and

most extreme weather conditions in the entire Omniverse, and has frequent natural disasters, such as earthquakes. Hugghu also follows an unconventional and weird path through the Omniverse that it is contained within.


Huggu, unlike most other planets, is composed of only 2 layers: the crust, and the core. The composition of elements in the layers give Huggu its frequent and extreme weather/natural disasters.

The Crust

The Crust is the 1st layer of Huggu, and is quite thin, at only 1300 meters thick. This layer is filled with radioactive elements and a little Decayium (11829th element), that prevents the entire Crust from outright decaying due to the radioactive elements. Usually, you will immediately start receiving massive amounts of radiation once you step onto The Crust, so much equipment is needed to traverse this layer safely.

This layer is responsible for acid rain, volcanoes, and some of the earthquakes that happen on Huggu.

The Core

The Core is the biggest layer of Huggu (in terms of volume), and is bounded by The Crust. The Core of Huggu is very chaotic, and can change entire states of matter very fast. That can cause immediate destabilization of Huggu, causing earthquakes, tornadoes, heavy rain, extreme thunderstorms, and much more severe weather and natural disasters on Huggu. The Core of Huggu also has a select few elements that cannot be found anywhere else in the Omniverse. They are:

  • Septrinium (17289th element, can be very easily manipulated)
  • Croximium (11111th element, can change temperatures extraordinarily fast)
  • Attaquexium (9199th element, if comes into contact with radioactive elements or any kind of metal, whether it is a compound or an alloy, it will completely decay whatever is touching it)
  • Puttebium (10105th element, can somehow expand all matter that it comes into contact with)

These elements are the reason why The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi established colonies on Huggu in the first place.

Weather Conditions/Natural Disasters

The weather conditions of Huggu are extremely unpredictable, and extreme weather is a daily occurrence in Huggu. This is also the reason why native life on Huggu is nonexistent.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is a common thing in Huggu, and can happen up to 4 times one Earth day. This is caused by the radioactive Crust layer of Huggu. Acid rain usually does not do much damage to Hugghiguyughiyuguhian colonies on Huggu, and is easy to avoid.


Tornadoes are another common sight to see, and are caused by The Core of Huggu. Tornadoes in Huggu are extremely powerful, with wind speeds over 100x the speeds tornadoes on Earth have. Unlike acid rain, tornadoes in Huggu are quite hard to avoid, and have destroyed many settlements on Huggu before.


Earthquakes are possibly the most common type of natural disaster in Huggu, and happen because of the constant matter switching that happens in The Core of Huggu. Usually, earthquakes are quite easy to avoid, and do not cause much damage to the surrounding area.


Windstorms are less common, but are quite dangerous. Windstorms can have winds that reach over 10,000,000 mph, and are so strong that they can topple mountains on Huggu completely.

Carbon Rain

Carbon rain is one of the weirder storms that can happen on Huggu, and during a Carbon rain, pure carbon rains down from the sky. The exact reason why carbon rain happens on Huggu is still unknown, but is hypothesized to be due to The Crust of Huggu constantly fracturing, sending carbon debris into the sky.

The carbon that rains from the sky can be in many different forms, such as solid, liquid, or even gas.


Thunderstorms on Huggu are quite rare, and not many instances of them have been recorded. So far, all recorded instances of thunderstorms on Huggu have been extremely powerful, with the lightning somehow traveling faster than the theoretical speed limit for light.

Attaquexium Rain

Somehow, Attaquexium rain can also happen in Huggu. Again, the way how an element from The Core of Huggu can start raining down from the sky is still debated. Attaquexium Rain is possibly the most deadly type of disaster, causing hundreds of Hugghiguyughiyuguhian settlements to be completely destroyed due to how Attaquexium reacts with metal.