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A human is a living being that, when combined with every single human out there, rules huge parts of the planet Earth. They are very smart entities compared to others on their planet, considering that one of them was able to figure out how to make this wiki. That human was referred to as Aarex, who has departed back to his home verse on 03/05/2021 (standard Earth Human time). This created the Transcendent Omni-Gods on the previous hierarchy loop.

Humans first evolved on Earth between 4 and 2 million years ago. They diverged from other primates that are now extinct.

List of accomplishments

Humans (Homo sapiens) are by far the smartest known species on Earth. They have invented many things, the most widely used by them are the wheel, the computer, guns, books, paper, plastic, wheelbarrows, traffic lights, cars, trucks, airplanes, gas lights, space shuttles, language, etc. Humans have also landed on the Moon, the object closest to their home planet, without having any natural cosmic powers. Some people don't believe that to be true, however this is because of how poorly they are controlled by the individuals who believe they dominate the pyramid scheme.


Humans are humanoid (hence the name) highly-intelligent animals with bilateral symmetry. They fall under the classification of hominids, primates, mammals, and chordates, in order of taxonomy. Like most chordates of the planet, Humans have two biological sexes, male and female. The main difference between them is that males expel reproduction materials, while females receive those materials to combine them, which allows the species to reproduce, creating an offspring which inherits traits of both the hosts.

Humans have a variable lifespan, the average being standardized at 80 Earth years. However, averages are not effective, as dying infants weight it down. Humans can last to up to 100 years.

Interaction with home star system

Humans' adaptative abilities allowed them to colonize almost all of of their planet. Their world is divided into about 200 nation-states, whose borders and denomination change overtime. There have been many wars throughout history history, most often between these nation-states.

Despite the conflicts between each other, all countries have agreed not to perform military actions in specific places. These include the continent of Antarctica, the Moon of the planet Earth, and the specifically devised "demilitarized zones".

Detached from the rest of the planet

There is, however, a country that is separated from the rest of the world, known by the name of "North Korea". Their government claims that they have sufficiently advanced technology to land on the star that hosts the planet Earth, although there has been no official confirmation and the claims have been denied. It is also said that the leader of the state has space-time bending abilities, however this is also highly unlikely. North Korea treats their citizens very poorly compared to the rest of the world, leading many people to highly dislike them.

Interaction with other universes

While Humans have never visited another universe due to the lack of natural wormholes in their verse, their minds are capable of advanced speculative theorizing. Some of the most giften Humans for this type of theorizing have created various concepts which match some of the entities of the Box. Here is an example.