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Hwragnapki (Rag-nap-key) is a odd and unknown cosmic entity that has multiple forms. Hwragnapki is known to be similar to Nvgngyu, both taking multiple forms and being almost absolutely unknown. However, Hwragnapki has sentience, and changes forms to express emotion. Hwragnapki fits into a category and species called Anianimatiuns (An-eh-an-eh-mat-e-uns).


Hwragnapki was once a hypothetical entity, used to attempt answering questionable universal anomalies. Hwragnapki was discovered by an unknown civilization 37 million years ago. Hwragnapki have only came from inside of the Unaniversius, a verse with entities similar to Hwragnapki. Hwragnapki, even though being one of the most tested entities in several multiverses, has had no progress in understanding it, alongside everything else discovered in the Unaniversius.


A moravivily (More-ah-vih-vel-ey) is the term for how a entity in the Unaniversius morphed. Hwragnapki, similar to all other Anianimatiuns, have a near-infinite amount of moravivilies for all expressions, but many are used to communicate with other Anianimatiuns. Hwragnapki, alongside many other Anianimatiuns, communicate in different shapes that look unrecognizable to their original shape. This is due to an unknown reaction, shared among many Anianimatiuns, called an Armageoneso reaction. (Arm-a-geh-oh-neh-so). Most are circular.

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Exomatian (Happiness)

(Ex-oh-mat-e-en) Hwragnapki moravivilies into a circular form, with smaller circles rotating inside of a larger circle. This is called Exomatian. The happier Hwragnapki is, the smaller circles rotating will travel faster. Hwragnapki is usually happy conversing telepathically with other Anianimatiuns, but is also happy while feeling safe. Exomatian is the most used emotion by Hwragnapki.


Unsepmius (Sadness)

(Un-sep-me-us) Hwragnapki moravivilies into a circle, with about half of the circle in a ovular-shaped pattern traveling across the circle. The sadder Hwragnapki is, the ovular pattern will be larger. Hwragnapki is usually sad when not seeing any other Anianimatiuns after over six months, which makes studying Hwragnapki difficult. Unsepmius is an emotion that has been only seen in Unaniversius once.


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Nanosomian (Anger / Stress)

(Nah-no-so-me-en) Hwragnapki moravivilies into a square shape of small circles. The angrier Hwragnapki is, the small circles will move faster. Hwragnapki is usually angry when insulted telepathically or notice two other Anianimatiuns in combat against each other. Nanosomian is an emotion seen in the Unaniversius and outside of it equally. Nanosomian can also be used to assume that Hwragnapki could attack a different Anianimatiuns, which is undoubtedly rare for Hwragnapki to do.


Calamtian (Damaged)

(Cah-lam-eh-ten) Hwragnapki moravivilies into circles in a circle shape, which has a looping pattern with circles around it. The more damaged Hwragnapki is, the more unstable the circular pattern is. Hwragnapki can only get damaged from other stronger Anianimatiuns, as no other cosmic entities have the same powers and weaknesses as Anianimatiuns. This different system also means that Calamtian is only seen inside of the Unaniversius. Hwragnapki with Calamatian is more likely to damage others, due to self-defense. Hwragnapki also has a atomic sized protective shield around itself while in Calamtian.


Subtriphea (Defensive)

(Sub-try-fee-a) Hwragnapki moravivilies into a star shape with dots moving inward, and then outward, repeating this movement. Similar to Calamtian, Subtriphea causes an atomic shield to form around Hwragnapki. The more defensive Hwragnapki is, the pattern will be larger. Hwragnapki with Subtriphea is almost entirely invincible, focusing its full sentience towards defending itself. Hwragnapki has only been seen with a broken shield of defense four times. Due to using all of its sentience for Subtriphea, Hwragnapki will not move, attack, or telepathically speak during Subtriphea.



Omnisencien (Fleeing)

(Om-nee-scen-cey-en) Hwragnapki moravivilies into an infinite spiral. Hwragnapki uses this to flee, terrifying any entity that Hwragnapki is fleeing from with an infinite loop and many colors. The loop is the size of a universe, down to the Planck length, but can be smaller if any Anianimatiuns can get smaller than a Planck length. Hwragnapki is most vulnerable during Omnisencien, but has never been attacked during Omnisencien due to others fearing Omnisencien and is capable of travel faster than light speed.



Ultrisentius (Regeneration)

(ohl-tr-eh-sent-e-us) Hwragnapki moravivilies into a lines in a circle, that repeatedly rotate inwards and outwards. Hwragnapki takes three years to regenerate if at minimum health. Hwragnapki sends out signals during Ultrisentius, warning other Anianimatiuns for potential danger. Hwragnapki goes into a "shutdown" state after this signal is released, deactivating sentience until regeneration is over. Entities nearby Hwragnapki during Ultrisentius are seen happier afterwards.



Multiseptus (Confusion)

(Mole-tee-sept-us) Hwragnapki moravivilies into multiple circles, moving upward and downward in a pattern moving backward. The more confused Hwragnapki is, the pattern will speed up. Hwragnapki only uses Multiseptus with other Anianimatiuns, since other civilizations before had seen the pattern as threatening. Many Anianimatiuns also use this same pattern, learning it from Hwragnapki directly. The pattern is so popular, it is sometimes used as a symbol for nearby civilizations, most seeing it from other Anianimatiuns.


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Novembiantun (Temperature)

(Nov-em-be-en-toon) Hwragnapki moravivilies into a choppy circle made of rectangles, which move towards then away from each other. The hotter or colder Hwragnapki is, the rectangles will be longer. Hwragnapki will only use Novembiantun if the temprature is changing at a constant, or is at extreme temperatures. Hwragnapki uses this for themself, since almost all Anianimatiuns have their own expressions for temperature. Hwragnapki sometimes uses this for other reasons.


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Femtotrieus (Telepathy)

(Fem-to-tr-ey-us) Hwragnapki moravivilies into multiple circles, moving similar to Novembiantun (moving towards then away from each other). Hwragnapki uses this to express telepathy, a form of speaking used in Unaniversius. Hwragnapki only uses this with Anianimatiuns, and does not use telepathy with any other civilizations, making it confused by many civilizations as not having any speech abilities. Femtotrieus is important, as Hwragnapki would not use speech otherwise. Femtotrieus is the second most used moravivily, outside of Exomatian.


Hwragnapki, being an Anianimatiun, uses and has abilities that other cosmic civilizations and entities don't have, and some abilities that are common.


Hwragnapki uses telepathy, a form of unknown communication, to speak with other Anianimatiuns. Telepathy is used by most Anianimatiuns. The language and alphabet used by the Anianimatiuns are unknown, and are assumed to not have a language entirely, and are assumed to have multiple languages.


Hwragnapki is capable of regeneration, the ability to heal itself after damage. Hwragnapki often regenerates instantaneously from damage, but heavy / immense damage requires a "shutdown" state from Hwragnapki.

"Teleportation" (Travel faster than light)

Hwragnapki has the ability to flee from anything with low energy. They had learned to use unused energy for traveling faster than light, giving a effect of "teleportation."

Moravivilies (Morphing)

Hwragnapki has near-infinite moravivilies, or morphs, used for expression and communication.


Hwragnapki is a incredibly peaceful Anianimatiuns, meaning that they do not often engage in combat. While in combat, Hwragnapki usually uses its mysteriousness to avoid, but is incredibly powerful under most Anianimatiuns, capable of winning most combat among their Anianimatiuns. However, most attacks are unintentional, since Hwragnapki had never learned to attack, but only to dodge.