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The Hyper-Space, more commonly known as the "mainland" of The Box, is an non-euclidean space that composes the majority of The Box. It is filled to the brim with corrupted Omni-Web, Glitchonicite, and many "chaotic" Verses.

Think of it as a larger and more chaotic Omni-Web. Not many can access this place, however doing so is essential to escaping The Box.

It isn't uncommon to be teleported to a undiscovered verse far away, or to be corrupted and erased here.

This verse also contains an infinite amount of Barrel Containers, and many other verses.

Dire Glitchconcite

Dire Glitchonicite is a form of Glitchonicite that is much more corrupted, being able to corrupt entire Prime Barrels with just a small dose (10 g)

Due to this, there have been civilizations that have created "Dire Bombs" able to destroy entire Barrel Containers easily.

Due to this substance, many travelers here have died and been erased.