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Hyper NA Is the fourth shortest type of NA, and is highly respected among cosmologists for it.

Hyper NA is much less dense than its two predecessors, having a quasi-fractal pattern in the same way as Everywhere, with an added purple and blue glare. This extra space is filled by planet-sized pieces of random elements in cubes, in the center of which is always ammonite. Although ferry systems between Mega NAs exist, they are usually not used as much as the bridges from the other two.

In the elemental cubes, there is usually carbon and iron, but rarely there will be a little TREEYUM, but even a very publicly unknown element known as Hyperionite NA can be found in these cubes. It is often confused with diamond but is a bit stronger than TREEYUM, being that much rarer as well. It has ships made out of it for large, public travels such as ferries.

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