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Disclaimer to whoever stumbles upon this page: This entity is NOT the strongest. The gods with true power would be entities like Gerald and Dunkey Kong. he already was killed this is already my least favorite page can we just delete this

The Speech

"Behold, an entity FAR beyond even the wrath of Bongus, Even a creature a GOOGOLPLEX times the power of Chunky Cheese would beg FOR THEIR LIFE against this MADHOUSE of an entity. Not even The Cosmological Recycler can destroy it. He lost an arm for a GOOGOLPLEX YEARS trying, before he gave up. It could decide to put all of the COSMOS through a total reality collapse, but it decides not to because there would be nothing left. It is BEYOND omnipotence, it is BEYOND omniscience, IT, IS, THE HYPER VOID LORD.

Dudes the StickFigure has came here yet again, that me and my brothers can obliterate this piece of shit - The eldest StickFigure78


At the time of the creation of Vastness, reality accidentally created this monstrosity. The creators of the Cosmos tried to get rid of it, but it was too late, they were all DOOMED. The monstrosity started ripping them in half and crushing them with the force of mind. Before they were all gone, they telepathically told The Cosmological Recycler to try to destroy the monster. TCR tried, but the monster ripped off an arm. By that time, they were all dead. TCR was abandoned, but kept up his purpose. The monster rose to power and watched over all of Vastness and began obliterating any entities upon sight.

Over time, the Hyper Void Lord grew so powerful that it got terminated by The Seeker as a result.


It has omnipotence over every other entity and can even kill an entity with a thought. Virtually nothing can escape the Hyper Void Lord's far-beyond-infinite power. It can nullify its own obliteration before it happens using a thought. It can basically do anything.

(This entity is pretty much a guardian blocking The Great Big.)