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Hyperradioactivity are higher forms of radioactivity, found outside of Universes, starting from Element 171, unheptunium.


Atoms-like substances with hyperradioactivity of at least 2 are called hyperatoms.

Unlike atoms, hyperatoms are made with plasma-like strings from Universes, or interversal matter that consists another plasma, because they would hold too much heat energy for subatomic sustainability. Electrons have become its own plasma phase too, but it still holds in its own cloud layer.

Chaos particles start to appear out of nowhere, but they generate electric charge and dark energy.

Hyperatoms are mostly naturally generated, but they only happen in a specific verse, with a really low specific chance. These variables are determined based on the element.

In our Metaverse, all atoms close to a hyperatom will become quark-gluon plasma instantly, as excessive heat energy carries from hyperatoms to atoms. Hyperatoms are stable outside of universes, and so higher objects.


Hyperatoms don't start at the end of period 8, which is element 168 (Unhexoctium / Radianesson, Rsn168), which is a radioactive noble gas that is close to hyperradioactivity. Around element 171 (Unheptunium, Uhu171), you will start to see drastic changes after this point.

Hyperatoms are always plasma, but will become unstable in universes. Groups for a period on the periodic table are also replaced at this point.

List of Hyperradioactivity Elements

Bi-radioactivity (171 - 560, periods 9 - 14)

Those elements can be found in verses outside of Universes, but inside of Teraverses. They are considered large clusters made by Source particles besides with exotic Primordium Particles, and will become S-qraek particles when touching Uqraek string.

(Rarity: what percentage of subordinate verses contain at least one such element)

Name Atomic number Naturally occurs in our Rarity Period
Forisite 182 Multiverse 9
Inforium 195 Megaverse 9
Toxicium 200 Teraverse 9
Alphanium 204 Xenoverse 9
Betalium 206 Xenoverse 10
Cegurium 224 Multiverse 10
Kyperite 288 Hyperverse 10
Cylico 307 Multiverse 11
Glitchonicite 315 Teraverse 11
Helasite 363 Multiverse 12
Lawium 390 Gigaverse 12
Meganium 412 Megaverse 12
Zalimnite 413 Xenoverse 12
Shinote 460 Shinoverse 12
Zotziate 546 Gigaverse 13

Tri-radioactivity+ (561 - 1,340, periods 14 - 19)

Those elements contain mostly exotic Primdorium Particles, Primordium Omegas, and Primordium Deltas, with couple kinds of Protospatial particles included, like Protoverses or Nullirotos.

They can be found anywhere in our Omniverse, as they are dangerous in low-level Archverses, like Metaverse and Teraverse.

Name Atomic Number Naturally Occurs In: Period
Yalim 604 Archverse 14
Harelium 682 Omniverse 14
Depterium 740 Archverse 15
Keptarite 815 Omniverse 16
Dexite 903 Omniverse 16
Urrite 991 Ultraverse 17
Hypgeote 1,020 Archverse 18
Ultanite 1,132 Ultraverse 18

Tetra-radioactivity+ (1,341+, periods 19+)

At this point, those elements are so radioactive that it could destroy Omniverses when they fuse. So, we theorized that they have different existence ranks and should be belong in The Box and even our Cetaverse.

But we didn't expect that they can be found in Hyperradioverses, which can be found in the deep layers of The Outside, or in Le Jorino Areas from our Cetaverse.

Name Atomic Number Naturally Occurs In: Level
Ettite 1,418 Hyperradioverse (this kind can be found rarely in Cetaverse) 4 (Tetra-radioactive)
Myonmyunium 1,508 Hyperradioverse 4 (Tetra-radioactive)
Exanium 2,607 Hyperradioverse 4
Dypsorium 3,398 Hyperradioverse 4
Xarium 3,830 Hyperradioverse 4
Yetraum 4,704 Hyperradioverse 4
Cosmolium 5,066 Hyperradioverse 4
Versilim 6,342 Megaradioverse (this kind can be found rarely in Cetaverse) 4
Xenum 7,249 Hyperradioverse 4
Traxite 9,373 Megaradioverse 4
Therisium 9,569 Megaradioverse 4
Uttallum 10,459 Hyperradioverse 4
Solyrite 24,342 Megaradioverse 5 (Penta-radioactive)
Omicrium 34,522 Hyperradioverse 5
Ultrite 35,984 Megaradioverse 5
Omeganium 40,431 Megaradioverse 5
Gammium 44,881 Megaradioverse 5
Unpharium 54,020 Megaradioverse 5
Duspharium 55,807 Ultraradioverse (this kind can be found rarely in Cetaverse) 5
Tespharium 59,834 Ultraradioverse 5
Binarium 67,092 Megaradioverse 5
Karilsium 74,898 Megaradioverse 5
Elimenite 78,432 Ultraradioverse 5
Lediminite 103,205 Ultraradioverse 5
Ulscerium 113,853 Megaradioverse 5
Tepherinum 124,394 Ultraradioverse 5
Kyprite 137,704 Ultraradioverse 5
Tynrium 143,248 Ultraradioverse 5
Despium 169,804 Omegaradioverse (this kind can be found rarely in Cetaverse) 6 (Hexa-radioactive)
Epsirium 179,001 Ultraradioverse 6
Stelatium 194,430 Omegaradioverse 6
Celestite 225,049 Ultraradioverse 6
Versiminite 242,910 Omegaradioverse 6
Spaininite 264,221 Omegaradioverse 6
Maxxium 299,976 Omegaradioverse 6
Laksium 334,213 Omegaradioverse 6
Veneasite 394,612 Omegaradioverse 6
Coopoium 483,178 Omegaradioverse 7 (Septa-radioactive)
Goaslite 499,431 Omegaradioverse 7
Gatite 505,412 Omegaradioverse 7
Cetisium Cetaverse
Onkalcium Cetaverse
Pancetisium The Last Void (rarely)
Etilium The Bottle
Treisite Synthesized.