The Hyperverse is the fifth and second to last Archverse. If we only count finite Archverses, the Hyperverse would be the last.

A Hyperverse is a collection of Xenoverses, randomly scattered around, except if the Xenoverse is unable to assume a random position in space and is dependant upon another Xenoverse or else. In the picture to the right, one can see a very rare and visually pleasing case, where the chaotic order of the Xenoverses just happened to appear orderly.

Hyperverses can be found absolutely anywhere in the Omniverse, they are very abundant and will often be found in totally unexpected places where they shouldn't even really be in the first place. It is very easy to create a Hyperverse, and civilizations that control large masses of verses may put in special measurements to stop any Hyperverses from producing in unwanted places.

All official archverses are capable of creating their inferior Archverse just by themselves, all that is required is some chaos, and verse-surfaces mixed with law manipulation does all the work. However, any finite Archverse beyond the Hyperverse is either a very rare occurrence, or is artificial (in 99% of cases).


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