The Hyperverse is a 5-dimensional virtual-reality space that is the transfinite collection of virtual realities of the Internet, which are Metaverses. It is a large matrix of 1's and 0's.


People believe Hyperverse has to do with real-life realities such as our Universe, which isn't the case. This term is used for the purpose of virtual reality/cyberspace which is based on gaming systems (PS and Xbox) and online games that feature online play (Call of Duty). It's only manipulated by Modders and or characters able to change the gaming/cyberspace. The Hyperverse is just a matrix of ones and zeros carried through an extremely large "computer". The Hyperverse is similar to the Metaverse in this way. This is where all of the records of our internet are kept.


  • 3 Dimensional Cyberspace is Metaverse which is the Universe of cyberspace.
  • 4 Dimensional Cyberspace is Xenoverse which is the Multiverse of cyberspace.
  • 5 Dimensional Cyberspace is Hyperverse which is like the Megaverse of cyberspace.
  • Infinite Dimensional Hyperspace is the Extraverse which is like the Omniverse of cyberspace.

An illustration showing the Hyperverse's structure.


  • Hyper is a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “over” usually implying excess or exaggeration (hyperbole). [1]
  • Hyperverse means Oververse which can be translated to "Over Universe" or "Hyper Universe"


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