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The Hyperverse of Reality is the only verse in this chain to not have a fractal at the center. It contains its 177312 Megaverses of Reality inside huge containers known just as "Containers". There are also occasional Thingk floating around.

This verse's dimensions change randomly and without warning. The unstability of the Hyperverse of Reality is also freaking high. That makes life here a lot rarer. This life is also a lot less advanced than the life in the Megaverse of reality and the Multiverse of Reality.

There is an extremely hot core at the center of this verse. It gives off tons of deadly radiation. The core also has a strong gravitational pull. Some Megaverses of Reality have gotten into an orbit around the core, and have been completely destroyed due to the temperature and the radiation. The heat spreads throughout the entire verse, and even outside of it.

The life in this verse usually live on the surface of the Containers. They have built their own verses on the surface. They are called Surfaceverses by many people and creatures.

The space between the Containers and the core is just a big, vast, and empty void.